Getting Started: 5 Easy Steps

I. Review the 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

II. Preview “I Care” Implementation Resources

III. Review Sample Cost Estimate

IV. Request Cost Estimate (Optional)

V. Place Order

  1. Review the 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions
    1. How is “I Care” different from other parent engagement character programs?
      • Gets busy and hard-to-reach parents involved in the teaching of character traits at home at the same time the character traits are being taught at school and in the community
      • Has a parent engagement measuring system that tracks and measures positive parent-child interactions at home
      • Enables teachers, through its monthly parent feedback process, to link students’ life experiences to classroom lessons
    2. What proof is there that “I Care” improves student achievement?
      • A recent independent research study found that students participating in “I Care” for 2 years or more had higher test scores than the control group. (See research study.)
      • Implementation school principals report increases in test scores & decreases in office referrals.
      • Some of the most powerful “I Care” Success Stories and anecdotal observations have come from parents, teachers & community stakeholders.
    3. What are the advantages of the Online “I Care” Curriculum?
      • Implementation materials are more convenient & accessible at school and at home
      • Curriculum materials are continuously updated
      • New developments are uploaded as soon as they become available
    4. What is the time span of an Online Curriculum Student License?

      The Online Curriculum Student License is for one year (school term) & it can be renewed each year.

    5. What support can we expect from the “I Care” Company?
      • Customized Onsite Training
      • Email implementation updates
      • Measuring system technical assistance
      • Newsletters & Parent Engagement Network
      • Delightful Customer Service
  2. Preview “I Care” Implementation Resources

    The “I Care”Parental Engagement Character Curriculum is accessible online for grades Pre-K through 12th. The Site License Fee is priced per student each year, based on the total number of students. And for Year 1, the fee includes the online curriculum materials, the online “I Care” Parent Engagement Measuring System, and the “I Care” Parent Portal. For Year 2 and beyond, the fee is to maintain access to the “I Care” Curriculum Management System and for continuous curriculum updates.

    The grade-level monthly curriculum components:

    • Character-Building Parenting Activities
    • Teacher Lesson Plans
    • Mastery of Character Trait Activities
    • Character Bulletin Board Messages
    • Independent Student Study Activities (Middle & High School Students Only)
    • Training Presentations for Parents, Teachers, Community Partner, & Students
    • Implementation Helpers & Certificates

    Site Licenses & Online Curriculum Fees


    Number of Students/

    Start-Up Fee (1st Year) per Student/

    Annual Fee (After 1st Year) Price per Student/


















    5000 or more




    School Character Poster Set—$99.95 Per Set
    (Elementary, Middle, or High)

    12 laminated posters (18" x 24")


    On-Site Implementation Training

    “I Care” On-Site Implementation Training is customized to meet needs and time limitations of customers. $1,500/Day plus Travel & Lodging

  3. Review Sample Cost Estimate

    Sample Estimate
    Baxter Elementary (PreK-5th); 300 Students & 20 Core Subject Teachers

    Year 1: Basic Cost Estimate

    Online “I Care” Curriculum

    300 Students





    Implementation Manual

    20 Teachers





    Character Poster Set (Elem.)

    2 Sets





    Shipping & Handling @ 15%







    Year 2: Basic Cost Estimate (Fee Due Upon Renewal)

    Online “I Care” Curriculum

    300 Students








  4. Request Cost Estimate (Optional)

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    Total Number of Students

    Total Number of Implementation Manuals (Optional)

    Total Number of Character Poster Sets (Optional)


  5. Place Order: Online Order Form (Purchase Orders) or PayPal Order

    The “I Care” Curriculum Materials & Measuring System will be accessible online 72 hours or less after receipt of purchase order or payment. Contingent on stock availability, additional supplies will be shipped in the same time frame.

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