Why Is “I Care” Practical?

  • “I Care” gets parents involved. The Toddler & Pre-K through 12th Grade curricula provide a predictable and consistent way for busy and hard-to-reach parents to be involved in the education of their children at home and at school.
  • Teachers are provided with the materials they need online to successfully implement the curriculum, including teacher lesson plans for each character trait and implementation manuals.
  • It has a one-of-a-kind online parent engagement measuring system that enables schools to document and track parent-child interactions at home.

Benefits to Families  

Benefits to Students

  • Increases in Math & English State Test Scores (See Research Study.)
  • Greater Understanding of Themselves & Others
  • Helps Establish Ethical & Moral Attitudes & Behaviors
  • More Positive Interactions With Their Parents
  • Teachers Have More Knowledge About Their Interests & Family
  • The Ability to Plan, Implement, & Evaluate Goals
  • Better Understanding of the Value of Good Character
Benefits to Families

Benefits to Parents

  • Enhances Parents’ Character-Building Skills
  • Enables Parents to Contribute to Classroom Instructions
  • Enables Parents to Become Self-Initiators of More Positive Activities with Their Children at Home
  • Enables Parents to Become Accountable with Teachers for Their Children’s Education
  • Builds Strong Partnership Among Home, School, & Community
Benefits to Families  

Benefits to Schools

  • Research-Based & Meets and Exceeds Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Requirements
  • Helps Teachers to Better Understand Families’ Lifestyles & Cultural Background
  • Grade-Level Character Traits, Character-Building Parenting Activities, Teacher Lesson Plans, Character Mastery Activities, & Student Activities (Middle & High)
  • Grade-Level Curricula
  • On-Line Data Collection & Evaluation Service that Facilitates Monthly Parent Involvement Measures
Benefits to Families  

Benefits to the Community

  • Enables the Community to Teach, Reinforce, & Model the Same Monthly Character Traits Taught at Home & at School
  • Encourages Parents to Take an Active Role in Their Children’s Education
  • Provides a Forum to Improve Workplace Ethics & Rally Around Young People
  • Fosters Integrity & Forges Strong Bonds of Communication & Cooperation

Comprehensive Curriculum

More About “I Care”

The Online “I Care” Material Components

The material components are research-based, grade-level for Pre-K through 12th Grade, accessible online, and easy to implement using the Plan-Do-Check-Act process.

“I Care” Implementation Services

The “I Care” Director and staff delight in making the implementation of “I Care” a joyful and rewarding experience!

  1. On-Site Implementation Training
  2. Parent Engagement Network
  3. Parent Engagement Newsletter
  4. Frequent Implementation Updates
  5. Ongoing Curriculum Updates (Online)
  6. Technical Support (Data System)


“The ‘I Care’ Program is not complicated and is valuable to our school.”

—Principal; Rapides Parish, Louisiana

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