Comprehensive Curriculum

What Is “I Care”?

The "I Care" Parent Engagement Character Curriculum facilitates families, schools, and communities working together to teach good character simultaneously to improve student achievement. It is grade-level specific (Pre-K through 12th) and comprehensive for parent involvement, character education, and community involvement. “I Care” . . .

What Does the “I Care” Curriculum Provide?

“I Care” Parent Engagement Character Curriculum Site Licenses Provide Online Access To:

  • Parenting Activity Sheets
  • Teacher Lesson Plans
  • Training Presentations for Students, Parents, & Teachers (fully automated with narration)
  • Available in English & Spanish (Pre-K through 8th Grade)
  • Bulletin Board Messages
  • Student Mastery of Character Activities
  • Independent Student Study Activities (Middle & High School)
  • Feedback Form
  • “I Care” School Implementation Manual
  • “I Care” Parent Training Brochure
  • Community Partnership Tools
  • Additional Recommended Books & Resources

Data & Measures for:

  • Parent Participation
  • Parents Trained
  • Parent Involvement
  • Positive Teacher-Parent Contacts
  • Mastery of Character Traits
  • Community Involvement
  • Gender-Based Breakdown
  • Each student
  • Each classroom
  • Each school
  • Whole district
  • Mentoring
  • Feedback Form information can be sent by parents through the “I Care” Parent Portal (no need to input them)

Parents Can:

  • Access “I Care” Curriculum Files for each of their children
  • View Training Presentations
  • View & Print Community Partnership Materials
  • View & Print Positive Messages
  • Access Information Available in English & Spanish (Pre-K through 8th Grade)
  • Print Feedback Forms
  • Send Messages to Teachers
  • Input Feedback Information Online
  • Submit Feedback Form Information Online (Information is immediately updated in student’s record)
  • View Student’s Measures Graph

Why Choose the “I Care” Parent Engagement Character Curriculum?

The “I Care” Parent Engagement Character Curriculum improves student behaviors and student achievement in English & Math (See research study).

  1. Gets & keeps the 80% of parents not involved at school involved with their children at home—changes the perception that parents must be at the school to be involved in the education of their children.
  2. It has a parent engagement measuring system that documents, tracks & evaluates positive parent-child interactions at home—data will show where to focus resources, saving loads of time.
  3. Simple to implement + affordable + online curriculum
  4. Parent-friendly with a monthly school-to-home & home-to-school parent feedback process

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