“I Care” Curriculum Implementation Process

This 13-step process has been successfully used in “I Care” schools to implement the “I Care” Positive Parenting Character Curriculum. The process is a guideline, and “I Care” encourages you to be creative.

  1. Train school administration on the “I Care” Positive Parenting Character Curriculum.
  2. Train teachers and support staff.
  3. Train teachers and staff how to document and measure parent engagement using Online “I Care” Measuring System.
  4. Provide teachers with “I Care” Curricula or Parenting Workbooks and motivational incentives.
  5. Train parents and community partners, and communicate clear expectations.
  6. Establish a regular schedule to send home character-building parenting activities and Feedback Forms.
  7. Schedule a minimum of one hour per month for teachers to do “I Care” activities with students in their respective classrooms, preferably all classes at the same time.
  8. Schedule monthly teacher follow-up with parents to share positive student accomplishments & behaviors.
  9. Provide teachers with materials to keep the character traits visible at school.
  10. Establish a schedule to report data to school administration.
  11. Gather administrative summaries of data for each classroom and school and celebrate successes.
  12. Use parent feedback from previous months to plan school improvements.
  13. Hold renewal training as needed to develop parent engagement strategies.

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