“The ‘I Care’ Program is not complicated and is valuable to our school.”

Principal; Rapides Parish, Louisiana

“Several principals in my district said they have seen a positive change in the attitudes of students and teachers since implementing ‘I Care’ five years ago.”

Parent Involvement Coordinator; Selma, Alabama

“The ‘I Care’ Program has helped me to manage parent engagement better in all my schools. The data each month tells me and the school liaisons where help is needed.”

Parent Coordinator; Lawton, Oklahoma

“After the implementation of “I Care” was so successful in one of my high schools, I knew it would be successful in all 26 of my schools. Now that we have implemented for two years, I still feel strongly that ‘I Care’ is providing parents the support they need to help their children at home and is supporting the student academic improvements we are achieving.”

Former Superintendent; Dougherty County Schools, Albany, Georgia

“I can’t wait to read the Feedback Forms from parents each month. My students like to talk about things they are doing with their parents at home.”

Teacher; San Jose, California

“I had researched over 40 organizations and I felt ‘I Care’ came the closest to meeting [our] needs. I know that it is right on target.”

Principal; Wilmington, Delaware

My five-year-old walks around with his Workbook saying, “When is it time for ‘I Care’?”

Feedback From a Parent

“I’ve found ‘I Care’ to be beneficial in and out of the classroom.”

Teacher; Americus, Georgia

“It’s a terrific way to measure parent engagement.”

Principal; Tuba City, Arizona

“I wish I’d have had ‘I Care’ with my older children.”

Feedback From a Parent

My teenager reminded me, “You’re supposed to say positive things!”

Feedback From a Parent

“I look forward to the activities each month.”

Feedback From a Parent

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