“It’s all the parents’ fault.” • “It’s the culture.” • “The media’s to blame!”

There are a multitude of explanations for why children are not achieving and why there is a crisis in character among the children and youth of America. The truth is that there are a lot of reasons for these problems and the solutions are just as numerous as the causes. Yet, no matter who you talk to, everyone will agree on one thing: Parents need to be more involved in the learning of their children.

We know this intuitively. Research bears it out. parent engagement results in higher academic achievement, students going farther in school, and students attending better schools. It also improves classroom behavior, self-concept, time spent on homework, and motivation; and decreases absenteeism and dropout rates. The “I Care” Parent Engagement & Character Curriculum gets parents involved in the education of their children at home, at school, and with the community.


The Online “I Care” Data Collection & Evaluation Service, which comes with the “I Care” Curriculum, provides educators with a quantitative way to measure parent engagement and parent participation monthly. It also provides schools with a way to set parent engagement goals, a meaningful way to celebrate successes with data, and a proven way to identify improvement opportunities.


To increase parent participation:

  • Insure that parents receive 15 minutes of “I Care” Parent Training annually;
  • Give each parent a parent training pamphlet;
  • Insure that the monthly character-building parenting activities are sent home the first week of each month;
  • Teach the character trait in the classroom;
  • Send home the parent Feedback Form;
  • Share and post parent engagement results; and
  • Celebrate parent engagement successes

It is not too late to implement the Online “I Care” Positive Parenting Character Curriculum this school term. We can provide access to the curriculum the same day we receive your purchase order or other forms of payment. Discounted rates per student are now available. Call Elbert Solomon today at 229.942.3316.


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